4 Types of Coaches in Transtar Travel


Are you looking for the best coach travel in Malaysia? If yes, then the Transtar travel is the best one. Generally, this service provides comfortable journey to their customers and also it provides different coaches.

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Would like to know the different types of coaches and its facilities? Let’s go and read.

4 Types of coaches:

The main aim of this Transtar Company is customer satisfaction. In commonly, there are four different types of coaches.

  1. Solitaire:

This is a luxurious coach. In a single row, it contains the two spacious seats with air conditioning. The seats of this bus are very comfortable, and it comes with seat belts. These seat belts protect you from accidents. For more entertainment, it provides 10.2 LCD TV so you can enjoy the high-quality video with 24 different types of channels. If you are getting bored with TV, you can play the pc games also.

In this coach, you can get meals. These meals are hygienic and healthy. You can get the good customer service in this coach.

  1. Premium:

The feature of this coach comes with three seats in a single row.  You can enjoy with 7.2 inch LCD TV. It contains the video broadcast system so you can easily access more than fivechannels. It comes with massaging seats and safety seat belts to enhance your comfort. This massaging seat helps to keep your body comfort.

  1. Z-club:

This coach also contains the three seats in the single row. In this coach, you can get the snoozer seats with an air cooler.

  1. Super VIP:

This coach comes withenhanced comforts. It contains three seats with air conditioning. It is specially designed for the VIPs, but this coach is more expensive. Even this coach is more expensive, it makes your journey safe.

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